Franchise Luxe-Athleisure X Boyz N The Hood Vol.1

Fall 17, we launched our partnership with Sony Films with a Boyz N The Hood Collab.  

The limited-edition, Franchise Luxe-Athleisure X Boyz N The Hood Vol. 1 collection featured classic Boyz N the Hood movie images.

Boyz N The Hood is an iconic film.  We kept our creative inspiration true LA Roots, so we could capture the essence of some of the most powerful images from this film.  We understand that images evoke emotion.

Boyz n the Hood is remembered as being the directorial debut of John Singleton, and for introducing the world to the acting talents of Ice Cube and Cuba Gooding, Jr. It is also remembered as a hood movie, a movie about poverty, and a movie that focuses heavily on the drug problems of the ghetto.

We wanted to work on a Boyz N The Hood collab, because John Singleton’s portrayal of social problems in inner-city Los Angeles.

Boyz N The Hood a tale of three friends growing up together ‘in the 'hood.' Half-brothers Doughboy (Ice Cube) and Ricky Baker (Morris Chestnut) are foils for each other’s personality, presenting very different approaches to the tough lives they face. Ricky is the 'All-American' athlete, looking to win a football scholarship to USC and seeks salvation through sports, while 'Dough' succumbs to the violence, alcohol, and crime surrounding him in his environment, but maintains a strong sense of pride and code of honor.

Between these two is their friend Tre, who is lucky to have a father, 'Furious' Styles, to teach him to have the strength of character to do what is right and to always take responsibility for his actions.

Our Franchise Luxe-Athleisure X Boyz N The Hood Vol. 2 will drop this Summer and Fall 18.  The Boyz N The Hood Vol. 2 Collab will feature custom illustrations and washes.  Stay tuned for retail drop dates.



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